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The Importance of Technology in an Endodontic Office

Posted on September 14, 2016 by Kochevar Endo

The treatment you receive at the endodontist is only as good as the education and technology used by a qualified, knowledgeable endodontist. In a previous post, we discussed how extra training and experience separate your general dentist from a specialist. Also in that post, we briefly highlighted how technology provides patients with more accurate diagnosis and better care. We’re continuing that discussion here, as we talk about technology and the role it plays in getting you the best care possible.

Specialized microscopes

The ability to accurately diagnose a root canal and assess what needs to be done has everything to do with the ability of your endodontist, and how well they can SEE. The use of these illuminated microscopes, specifically geared for root canal treatment, allow the Dr. to see your entire root structure more clearly and proceed with a root canal treatment with more confidence. This allows for accuracy and LESS procedure time in the dental chair.

The use of a dental dam

As we all know, dental treatment can be a messy experience. This comfortable barrier keeps all of the debris out of your mouth and allows greater visibility for the doctor. Here are three reasons why we use dental dams:
  • prevents the treated area from being exposed to bacteria in your saliva and oral cavity.
  • protects your tongue and gums from irritation that could otherwise occur during treatment.
  • prevents the possibility of any materials or chemicals falling into your mouth or being ingested during treatment.

Instruments geared for root canal treatments

We use small instruments geared specifically for root canal treatments. What does this mean for you? It means that with a variety of different sized files we can do precision work on your tooth. There is no “one size fits all.” We use state of the art files, allowing Dr. Kochevar to clean and shape the inside or your tooth for a successful root canal treatment.

Ongoing relationships with YOUR general dentist

Dr Kochevar and his staff pride themselves in the ability to communicate with your general dentist.  The trust that is in place between our office and your general dentist allows us to provide accurate information about your specific dental needs and any future treatment needed to keep your mouth healthy and pain free.

Have questions about the tech we use in our office? Give us a call at  (801) 282-1651 or fill out the form on our contact us page.

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