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5 Holiday Recipes That’ll Ease Your Transition From Fall to Winter

Posted on November 16, 2016 by Kochevar Endo

Hey everyone! Check out some delicious holiday recipes just in time for Thanksgiving (and even Christmas) feasts! All recipes are provided to you by our fantastic staff, who, beyond being excellent at their jobs, have fantastic taste in holiday food. We hope you enjoy.


kochevar-wassail-punchSad that our Indian summer has come and gone? So are we. Spice it up with this tasty Wassail Punch. What better way to transition into the cold season?


“Oh, no! A recipe with cranberries in it?” Oh, yes :). It must be almost Thanksgiving.

kochevar-stuffed-datesBefore you decide to keep scrolling to the next recipe, just remember these are stuffed with cream cheese, brown sugar, and peanut butter. They’re mostly healthy.


If you’re like every other family waiting for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to be ready, you probably are hunting desperately for a snack. Well, here you go, and it’s even holiday themed with cranberries.

kochevar-pumpkin-pieThe perfect ending to a holiday meal seems to always be pumpkin pie. Enjoy!

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