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A Year’s Worth of Smiles: 2017’s Best Silver Screen Smiles

Posted on January 5, 2018 by Kochevar Endo

2017 certainly was an interesting year. Something we loved about the year was that there were plenty of movie releases. Some of them were really good and performed quite well, while some tanked for various reasons. We loved a lot of them and definitely wished we hadn’t seen others. But because we love beautiful smiles so much, we tend to notice them, both in good movies and in bad ones. Either way, we decided we would make a comprehensive list of all the best smiles from our favorite movies in 2017. After all, we love pretty teeth and pretty smiles!

2017’s Best Silver Screen Smiles

Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League

© DC Comics / Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill’s CGI-ed face was the talk of the town after Justice League came out. Though his teeth certainly look beautiful here, you can’t help but notice his face is a little…weird. The story of this very computer-generated smile is that after the filming for the superhero movie wrapped, Cavill moved on to another film where he was contractually obligated to keep a mustache. So when Justice League required a few reshoots, instead of just shaving it and growing a new mustache, they decided to literally computer generate the lower half of Cavill’s face. Amazing. What a way to start off a list of great smiles!

Ed Helms as Principal Krupp in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

© Dreamworks Animation

Wow! Look at those perfectly straight, white teeth! We loved this family-friendly movie celebrating the nostalgia of Captain Underpants. Principal Krupp was certainly a villain in this cartoon, that is until he turned into Captain Underpants! If you’re looking for a good movie to watch during this winter break, check out this one. While you watch, make sure you appreciate how beautiful each character’s teeth are!

Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok

© Disney Marvel

Jeff Goldblum got really into character for his role as the Grandmaster. Every scene in Thor that featured him was filled with awkward tension and hilarious dialogue. We love the Grandmaster’s smile because, like this gif, each smile was followed by this uncomfortable shift in his expression. What did you think of his character?

Anthony Gonzalez as Miguel in Coco

© Disney Pixar

We loved this movie! The main character of the film, Miguel, was often caught flashing this particular smile in the movie. Why? Because he was always getting into trouble! After entering the land of the dead, Miguel was caught multiple times in places he shouldn’t be, including the land of the dead! We love his crooked, embarrassed smile here because it’s so genuine. Miguel has lovely teeth, though likely will need braces!

Vin Diesel as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

© Disney Marvel

Does baby Groot have teeth? And if he does, are they just made out of the same foliage like the rest of him? We aren’t sure, but what we DO know is that he was super adorable! Just look at this picture! If you haven’t seen the movie we won’t spoil it, but as Groot ages, do you think his teeth will fall out like a real baby’s? We need the Marvel Universe to answer real questions like this.

Will Arnett as Batman in The Lego Batman Movie

© Warner Bros. / DC Entertainment

Look at that cheesy grin. Batman sure has a lot of confidence, and he isn’t afraid to show it in the Lego Batman Movie. If you haven’t watched this movie with your family yet, consider downloading or renting it. Full of action and adventure, Will Arnett gives great character to Bruce Wayne, and the animators somehow managed to capture his beautiful smile on a Lego, which is massively impressive.

Dan Stevens as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast

© Disney

Wow, can you believe Dan Stevens is underneath all that fur? Well, maybe it was a little computer generated, but we love it nonetheless. Check out those teeth though, yikes! We know that the live action rendition of a childhood favorite, Beauty and the Beast, really went all out on making the beast look like…well…a beast, and we think they were incredibly successful! If he had to stay this way forever, if Belle hadn’t broken his curse, can you imagine how hard it would be to brush these? Definitely far too time-consuming. Maybe the moral here is that you shouldn’t offend a witch for fear of spending way too much time on dental hygiene!

Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise in It

© New Line Cinema

Creepy alert! Though this is one of Pennywise’s less frightening, soul-piercing smiles, it still gives us the creepy crawlies. In fact, Bill Skarsgård talked about how he perfected this excellent smile in an interview with Conan O’Brien. What do you guys think of his teeth here? If you’ve seen the movie you likely know that Pennywise’s teeth change a lot during several scenes, but here they aren’t that horrifying, right?

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman

We all loved Wonder Woman this year. How can you not, with a smile like that? The movie was wildly successful, and we loved all the awesome fighting our leading lady got to do. That snow’s not magical, Diana, you are.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spiderman: Homecoming

© Marvel Studios / Columbia Pictures

Talk about your friendly neighborhood Spiderman! As many Spiderman movies as there are, this one is definitely our favorite. Young Peter Parker is funny and goofy, and just look at his smile! We liked this more lighthearted version of a classic story, and we’re majorly impressed with Tom Holland performing all of his own stunts. What do you think of his smile?

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

© Disney

Welcome the return of more CGI characters. In order to make Johnny Depp look young for this flashback in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, they had to use even more computer generation than Superman. Though we couldn’t find a smile where Jack Sparrow is showing teeth, we still felt this smile merited a spot on our list because we love those fake CGI faces. We couldn’t rightly feature Superman without also featuring young Sparrow. Do you think they did a good job with this? And which CGI rendition is better in your opinion: Superman or Jack Sparrow?

Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen in Cars 3

© Disney Pixar

Another family friendly movie! The Cars franchise just keeps getting better and better, and we love Lightning McQueen’s smile in each movie. We’ve always been impressed that they could animate a car to look like it was smirking, and he does have such lovely teeth. Although this does raise the question of why a car would even need teeth. They aren’t chewing on anything right?

Do you like our list of 2017 silver screen smiles? Which one is your favorite? At Kochevar, we love all things about beautiful teeth and beautiful smiles, so come back again if you’d like to see more blogs like this. Are you interested in what kind of services Kochevar offers? You can always read up on us and how we can help you here, or you can visit our blog to find out if you are in need of endodontic treatment.

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