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4 Tips To Choosing The Right Endodontist

Posted on May 16, 2016 by Kochevar Endo

Researching the best endodontists in the Salt Lake area? Feeling like you don’t have all the information you need? While we don’t have all the answers for every situation, we do know what makes a great endodontist and office atmosphere. Here’s a guide to helping you find the right person for your treatment.

Talk To Your Dentist

Your dentist can give you information on preferred endodontists that they’ve worked with and trust. This however, does not limit you from choosing a provider on your own. Make sure the endodontists your dentist recommends have the training and secondary education.

Approach to Patient Care

A quality dental office is patient-centered from top to bottom. Just like your favorite primary doctor, you must feel comfortable with your endodontist and trust in their ability to perform. But you also want assistants, the front desk, and any other personnel to treat you with respect and warmth. Have a chance to meet the staff and dental assistants at any recommended endodontist or one you select on your own before moving forward.

Continuing Education

An endodontist focused on acquiring new skills in a growing industry is essential. An office with outdated equipment or old equipment is likely not up to date on the newest practices in root canal and mouth surgeries. New skills, such as digital imaging are relatively new, but provide patients with a quicker, more accurate diagnosis. Every endodontist goes through two additional years of school beyond dental school to specialize in more in-depth mouth surgeries and treatments. It’s ideal however, that your endodontist receive diplomate status from the American Board of Endodontists, an elite status for endodontists focused on continuing education and dedication to patient care.

Technology and Equipment

At Kochevar in South Jordan, we use the latest diagnostic technology available, including digital radiographs and microscopes. Advanced technology and high-standard equipment ensures you receive an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Don’t ever hesitate to ask your prospective endodontist about their technology and how it is used.

Selecting a qualified, patient-centric endondontist like Dr. Kochevar will give you peace of mind during this process. Whether it’s a root canal, endodontic retreatment, or surgical endodontics, you know you will be receiving expert treatment in a friendly, honest environment. Give us a call today with questions, check out our FAQs, and contact us today for a consultation.

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