Your tooth is made up of three layers. The enamel which is the part you can see protects the dentin, which is the layer below and the innermost part of your tooth is known as the pulp. The pulp contains the nerves, blood vessels and other tissues that are vital to keeping your tooth healthy. If you develop a cavity, or a crack in your tooth, no matter how small, you risk an infection in the pulp. Our endodontist, Dr. Jeff Kochevar, offers root canal treatments in South Jordan, Utah, and to patients across the Salt Lake Valley. You can schedule your visit to Kochevar Endodontics by calling 801-282-1651 today.

How do you know you might need a root canal? The most obvious symptom may be a toothache or pain in that area of your mouth. You may also experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods along with swelling or tenderness. If left untreated, the infection may develop into an abscess as the it begins to spread and affect the surrounding teeth and even the jawbone. This infection will create a buildup of pus which will result in pressure and increased pain.
During a root canal, Dr. Kochevar will numb the area around your tooth. Once you are comfortable, he will access the pulp cavity and remove the infected pulp and the nerve. Dr. Kochevar will clean and sterilize the area and slightly enlarge it and then seal the cavity. After replacing the pulp with a medicated material, Dr. Kochevar will seal the tooth from the outside and may schedule you for a follow-up visit. Your regular dentist may want to discuss placing a crown on your tooth to protect it.

It is extremely important that you follow instructions given to you by the endodontist. You should take any medications, especially any antibiotics as directed. If you experience continued pain, swelling, nausea or chills, please contact us right away.