Most root canals do not require a second treatment. But depending on where the infection has occurred, our endodontist may suggest addressing the problem through surgical endodontics. The most common treatment is known as an apicoectomy.


Dr. Jeff Kochevar may perform an apicoectomy if the infection is in the tip of the tooth root. Dr. Kochevar will make an incision in your gum and access the root tip through the jawbone. The endodontist will remove the tip and then remove the infected tissue. Dr. Kochevar will then seal the root tip with a small filling and may use one or two stitches to hold the gum tissue in place and help you to heal. It will take a few months for the bone to heal around the root. Following your surgery, be sure to follow your post-op instructions and take any medication as directed by Dr. Kochevar. You should brush the area gently during this time and avoid tobacco, and food that could damage or disturb your stitches.
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