It is a fairly rare occurrence for a patient to need a second treatment for a root canal. But there may be occasions in which a tooth that has had a root canal in the past may need some more attention. If you have felt a toothache coming on, or started to experience swelling, or other related problems it may be a good idea to call 801-282-1651 and speak with our endodontist, Dr. Jeff Kochevar, about and endodontic retreatment in South Jordan, Utah.

In most cases, if a tooth that has had a root canal has received a crown and has been properly cared for, no other treatment except for your regular dentals visit will be needed. However, in some cases a problem can reoccur months or even years after your initial visit. Perhaps the problem is an ill-fitting or damaged crown, which allowed an infection to set in. Your problem may be an entirely new infection, or a result of not all of the pulp being removed during your first treatment. In some cases, the presence or size of a tooth root may not have been detected and pulp may have been left in the root.
As soon as you start to feel any discomfort in the tooth, please call Kochevar Endodontics and one of our team members will help you plan your visit. Dr. Kochevar will access the interior of your tooth and remove the original filler material. Afterward, he will carefully examine the area to locate and remove the infection and to make sure that every part of your tooth, down to the ends of each root, is clean. New medicated filling will be added and then the tooth will be sealed. Dr. Kochevar will want to see you for a follow-up visit to check your progress. You may also want to visit your family dentist to discuss placing a crown on your tooth to ensure its health. In between your first visit and follow-up appointment, it is extremely important that you follow all aftercare instructions and take any prescribed medication as directed.