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Emergency Root Canal & Dental Care Procedures

How do you know if you have an endodontic emergency? The most common signs and symptoms include: severe pain to changes in temperature (i.e. hot or cold), pain to chewing or biting, or swelling around the tooth or the face in the associated area. Tooth pain is not something that can wait. A failure to address these issues as they arise can lead to severe pain, spreading of infection, or eventual tooth loss. At our office, we will do everything possible to alleviate your pain the same day you call. We reserve emergency slots in our schedule to ensure that you will be seen promptly when the need arises.

Tooth emergencies do not always occur during normal business hours. If you are having an emergency, do not wait to call. We utilize an answering service that can put you in contact with the doctor regardless of the hour or the day.

Call Kochevar Endodontics to take care of your after hours emergency.