People have all sorts of reasons for putting of a visit to the dentist. One of the biggest concerns for many people is pain or discomfort. Another concern is the time spent in the chair Unfortunately, people have come to associate pain and inconvenience with root canals and endodontic treatments, but at Kochevar Endodontics, ensuring your comfort during your visit is important to our endodontist and our team. Dr. Jeff Kochevar uses an ultrasonic rotary endodontics tool in South Jordan, Utah to do just that.
With this tool. Dr. Kochevar can access the affected area of your tooth much more quickly and with less impact on you than with traditional tools. This handpiece uses soundwaves to remove only the necessary material to treat you. This translates into less time in the chair and an easier visit at our office. Additionally, the tool allows Dr. Kochevar to easily locate the tip of a tooth root for safe, effective and comfortable treatment. We would love the chance to show you how rotary endodontics can improve the health of your smile and you can reach our team at 801-282-1651 to plan your visit.