Attention to detail is a must during a root canal or other endodontic treatment. At Kochevar Endodontics, our endodontist, Dr. Jeff Kochevar, will use a surgical microscope in order to examine your tooth and to treat your issue with precision and care to ensure its effectiveness. Dr. Kochevar can use a surgical microscope to:

  • Make an accurate diagnosis of your problem and create a treatment plan
  • Locate problems that could go otherwise go undetected
  • Begin treatment earlier and use less invasive procedures that will minimize the area that needs to be treated, increasing your comfort and decreasing your recovery time.

When it comes to performing a root canal, Dr. Kochevar can use a surgical microscope to view areas of the inside of your tooth that are not only difficult to see, but may be hidden. By doing so, he can ensure that all of the infected pulp is removed, which reduces the chances for future problems and the need for a root canal retreatment. By getting a closer look at your tooth, Dr. Kochevar will need to remove less of the dentin (the layer of your tooth under the enamel) which helps to keep more of the overall tooth structure intact.
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