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The Variety of Endodontic Procedures

Posted on December 31, 2015 by Kochevar Endo

There are many more problems that you can experience in your mouth other than just a cavity or root canal. Depending on the dental treatment you need, an endodontist may be needed to fix minor to serious problems. While it can be confusing to know where to go for your treatment, it’s important that you’re putting your health in the best hands. Trust an endodontist with the following procedures for the best results.

Cracked Teeth

Not only is a cracked tooth painful, it can be a major problem. There are a number of types of cracks, including:

  • craze lines
  • fractured cusp
  • cracked tooth
  • split tooth
  • vertical tooth fracture

No matter how much time passes, a cracked tooth will not heal on its own like a broken bone will. Ignoring a cracked tooth can quickly become a problem, maybe even resulting in loss of the tooth. To avoid pain and larger consequences, it is best to get your cracked tooth repaired as early as possible. If you are in the Salt Lake City Utah area, lucky for you Kochevar Endodontics is here to help you with any cracked or broken teeth.

Endodontic Retreatment

An endodontic retreatment procedure is a root canal on a tooth that has already had a root canal in the past. This treatment is done to dissect problems that may not have been resolved from the previous treatment. This type of procedure may be necessary if:

  • infection has occurred
  • poor endodontic access
  • uncommon shaping of the canal

An endodontist will be able to diagnose and take care of a retreatment, preventing any future problems caused by a bad root canal. After retreatment, be sure to visit your dentist for a new crown.

Root Canal

An original root canal is a common procedure for an endodontist. A root canal focuses specifically on the soft tissue (also known as the pulp) under the hard enamel outside. If for any reason this part of the tooth is infected or enflamed, a root canal is necessary. Before a root canal, this problem can be painful and potentially damaging for the patient.

Surgical Endodontics

Even after a root canal, sometimes problems can persist. There are a number of reasons for this, but no matter the cause, it needs to be addressed. Inflammation can lead to infection. If problems continue to persist, another surgical treatment may be required. In this procedure, a filling may be used near the root.

Traumatic Injuries

There are many different ways you can injure one or more of your teeth. Whether it’s through a sports injury or other means, it’s important to get the problem corrected as soon as possible. Some common traumatic injuries include:

  • chipped teeth
  • fractured teeth
  • dislodged teeth
  • knocked out teeth

No matter how your injury is caused, get help from an endodontist as soon as possible. The amount of time your tooth is out or damaged can influence whether or not it can be saved.

At Kochevar Endodontics in South Jordan Utah, we specialize in all these treatment options. Ensure you’re getting the right treatment for your situation, give us a call to fix your major dental problems.

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